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2009 NSLS/CFN Joint Users' Meeting

Celebrating 30 Years and Beyond... 1979 - 2009

May 18-20, 2009

2009 Joint National Synchrotron Light Source and Center for Functional Nanomaterials Users' Meeting

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Check back soon for more information including workshops, registration and meeting agenda.

The Joint NSLS and CFN Users' Meeting provides a venue for scientists from diverse disciplines who use the NSLS and CFN facilities to share their work and discuss future directions for their research. New research results and advances in experimental capabilities in synchrotron radiation and the nanosciences will be highlighted.

The program includes invited talks, workshops, a poster session, and exhibits showcasing new technology and instrumentation – all offering opportunities to learn about the latest developments in synchrotron and nanoscience experimentation that can impact your own research.

This year's theme is "Meeting Big Challenges at Small Length Scales" and will be the focus during the Main Meeting talks, which include keynote speaker Millie Dresselhaus, MIT. There will also be updates from Harriet Kung and Pedro Montano, DOE, Basic Energy Sciences; Sam Aronson, BNL; Steve Dierker, Light Sources Directorate; Chi-Chang Kao, NSLS; and Emilio Mendez, CFN.

Included in the scientific talks are: Uwe Bergmann, SSRL, SLAC; Donald Brownlee, University of Washington; and Franz Himpsel, University of Wisconsin, Madison.


  • General $220.00 - Students $110.00
    Registration Fee includes: Workshop Registration, Monday's Exhibitor Reception and Poster Session, and Tuesday's Main Meeting Luncheon
  • Additional fees:
    Reception Tickets $20.00
    Main Meeting Luncheon $20.00 - for those attending Plenary Session only
    Banquet $40.00
  • Main Meeting Plenary Session:
    The Users' Executive Committees, the representative bodies of both Associations, cordially invite all to attend the plenary sessions on Tuesday, May 19, free of charge, and are warmly invited to register for the workshops and other events.


  • April 17
    All meeting speakers, organizers and attendees who plan to stay onsite at BNL must register in BNL's Guest Information System (GIS). After April 17 it will be necessary to make accommodations off site.

            More important information on site access and identification requirements. 

  • May 4
    Last day to register without paying a $25.00 late fee.
  • May 11
    Registration closes and will reopen May 18, at the Users' Meeting Registration Desk.


  • The meeting is hosted and sponsored by the National Synchrotron Light Source Users' Association, the Center for Functional Nanomaterials Users' Association, and external organizations representing the users of the NSLS and the CFN.

This joint meeting and associated workshops are supported by registration fees paid by the participants. Social events, lunches, and coffee breaks are provided to registered attendees primarily by our exhibitors and sponsors, and in part by the NSLS and CFN's Brookhaven Science Associates' funding. The Users' Meeting Planning Committee consists of users and staff of the NSLS and CFN. Administrative support for the meeting is provided by BNL's NSLS and CFN Departments.