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2004 NSLS Users' Meeting


The NSLS Users' Executive Committee thanks the following vendors for their generous support of the 2004 NSLS Users' Meeting and for exhibiting the latest equipment and instrumentation during the vendor exhibit to be held May 17-20, 2004:

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ACCEL Instruments GmbH
Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 1
Bergisch Gladbach GERMANY 51429
0049 0 2204 84 2512

ACCEL Instruments GmbH is a worldwide operating engineering and manufacturing company specialized in custom-designed equipment for research and industry in the fields of particle accelerators, synchrotron radiation instrumentation and medical applications. We design, manufacture, assemble, install and commission full X-ray beamlines as turnkey systems.  ACCEL also provides single components such as undulators, wigglers, double-crystal and double-multilayer monochromators, experimental stations, mirror systems, slit systems, beam monitors as well as all other beamline components.  ACCEL also develops components either based on customer specifications or as build to print, making use of the internal drafting office and our in-house workshops.

Advanced Control System Corporation
35 Corporate Park Drive
Pembroke, MA 02359
(781) 829-9228

Advanced Control Systems Corp. is a designer and manufacturer of high-precision motion controls. Stepping motor control systems are our specialty. Our Step-Pak (SP) system has been designed for specific applications on beamlines and beamline instrumentation. Not only does ACS carry motion control equipment, we now offer a full line of motors. We also specialize in the design and manufacture of custom control systems.

Advanced Design Consulting, Inc.
126 Ridge Road
Lansing, New York 14882
(607) 533-3531

Advanced Design Consulting, Inc. manages, designs and manufactures complete front ends and beamlines, optical tables, beam shutters, beam stops, monochromators, ion chambers, x-ray furnaces, UHV vessels, slits, small precision jacks, spectrometers, cryogenic systems, beam transport pipes, beryllium window assemblies.  Adulators, cooper flair chambers and mirror systems.  Our assistance includes overall project management, ray tracing, mechanical and instrumentation design, manufacturing, assembly and testing, commissioning and training.

American Linear Manufacturers
629 Main Street
Westbury, New York 11590
(516) 338-5741

American Linear Manufacturers features MADE IN USA Precision Crossed Roller Linear Bearing motion products.  ALM Crossed roller bearings are characterized by smooth, noiseless, frictionless motion, long life and zero sideplay in any attitude.  We offer a broad selection of standard products to full custom for your needs.

Blake Industries, Inc.
660 Jerusalem Road
Scotch Plains, NJ 07076
(908) 233-7240

Blake Industries will be exhibiting the Blake-Huber line of x-ray and synchrotron goniometers and accessories.

Brush Wellman Inc. Electrofusion Products
44036 South Grimmer Blvd.
Fremont, CA 94538
(510) 661-9710

Brush Wellman, Inc. - Electrofusion Products is a world leader in the fabrication of specialized products made from Beryllium and its alloys for the scientific, medical, and commercial industries. Beryllium products include vacuum barrier foil, assemblies, and machined components for applications of high-energy, synchrotron radiation and x-rays.

DataCentric Automation
7109 Baker's Bridge Avenue
Brentwood, TN 37027
(615) 263-9406

DataCentric Automation delivers state-of-art- products and services to automate laboratory processes and experimental data collection. At the core of our products is the CentrixTM Automation Engine, a database-driven informatics platform which integrates hardware components, tracks data flow through the process, and uses the data for optimizing the process.

Faber Industrial Technologies
1111 Paulison Avenue
Clifton, NJ 07011
(973) 546-7900

Faber Industrial Technologies provides application engineering solutions for industrial process heating and controls, automation and motion controls and filtration.

Fluidigm Corporation
7100 Shoreline Court
South San Francisco, CA 94080
(650) 266-6014

Fluidigm Corporation develops and manufacturers innovative systems based on unique integrated fluidic circuits (IFCs), also known as chips, for life-science research.  The Topaz ™ System by Fluidigm is the first screen-to-beam solution for high-throughout crystallization using free interface diffusion (FID). This combination of hardware, software, and chips provides automatic setup of experiments, imaging and classification of the results, and reliable scale up, providing a straightforward means of growing quality crystals for diffraction studies.

Gammadata Scienta AB
P.O. Box 15120
Uppsala Sweden SE-75015

Gammadata Scienta is a leading supplier of electron spectrometers for material science research. We are focusing on ultra high resolution spectroscopy and fast band mapping. Our product range also include high resolution X-ray emission spectrometers, high intensity UV-sources and other equipment for surface science research.

Gaum Incorporated
1080 Route 130, P.O. Box 485
Robbinsville, NJ 08691
(609) 586-0132

Gaum Incorporated is a full service machining and fabrication facility. We specialize in the manufacture of custom machinery, machine components, brackets, shafts, bearings, mounting plates and all types of custom devices used with sensor positioning and instruments. Materials include aluminum, steel, stainless steels, super alloys, plastics and phenolics.

GMW Associates (representing Oxford Danfysik, Danfysik, Bergoz and PPM)
955 Industrial Road
San Carlos, CA 94070
(978) 455-6761

GMW  will be presenting: The Oxford Danfysik range of synchrotron radiation beamlines, monochromators, advanced mirror systems (with SESO), standard beamline and diagnostic components (slits, shutters, fluorescent screens, beam position monitors etc.) and scintillation counter and ionization chambers for use in experiments. Danfysik insertion devices including undulator and wiggler designs licensed from the ESRF.  Elliptical and in-vacuum designs are now available.  Bergoz particle beam diagnostics for linacs, beam transfer lines, and synchrotrons, as well as PPM fiber optic links to 3 GHz for RF signal distribution.

Goodfellow Corporation
800 Lancaster Avenue
Berwyn, PA 19312-1780
(800) 821-2870

Goodfellow supplies small quantities of metals and materials for research, design and prototype development.  A comprehensive range of Metals, Alloys, Polymers, Ceramics, Composites and Compounds is available in a variety of forms including foil, rod, tube, wire and powder.  Standard items are stocked, ready for immediate shipment worldwide with no minimum order quantity.  Custom-made items are available to special order.

Key High Vacuum Products Inc.
36 Southern Blvd.
Nesconset, NY 11767
(631) 360-3970

Key High Vacuum Products, Inc. is a manufacturer of high, ultra high vacuum components and custom fabrication. Standard components consist of NW, ISO, ASA, Met-Seal flanges, fittings, hoses, manual, pneumatic, motorized valves, foreline traps, heater blankets and chambers. Our catalog has been expanded to include new and updated components.

L&M Associates
440 Market Street
Elmwood Park, NJ 07407
(201) 797-0441

L&M Associates will display products manufactured by Trompeter Electronics; RF/twinax connectors, Setra Systems; Pressure Sensors, GEMS Sensors; Liquid level, flow and pressure sensors/switches, Hastings Instruments; Vacuum gauges and Mass Flow Controllers, Dataforth: Data Acquisition and Signal Conditioning, Xantrex; Programmable DC Power Supplies and other products widely used by research scientists.

LeCroy Corporation
700 Chestnut Ridge Road
Chestnut Ridge, NY 10977-6499
(845) 323-9072

LeCroy corporation develops, manufactures and markets electronic signal acquisition and analysis products and services. LeCroy's primary products are digital oscilloscope, which are used by engineers and scientist to design new - and improve existing products, in a broad range of industries. (NASDAQ: LCRY)

Leybold Vacuum
5700 Mellon Road
Export, PA 15632
(724) 327-5700

Leybold Vacuum is a leading manufacturer and supplier of vacuum pumps, pumping systems, vacuum instrumentation, cryogenic refrigerators and hardware for the R&D marketplace.  Leybold features a wide array of Turbomolecular pumps in classic, compound and magnetically levitated versions.  Application specific solutions including consulting, custom pumping systems and designs for high magnetic field and radiation environments.

MDC Vacuum Products/Insulator Seal
23845 Cabot Boulevard
Hayward, CA 94545
(941) 751-2880 Ext. 3130

MDC Vacuum Products Corporation stocks thousands of off-the-shelf components for high and ultra-high vacuum applications, ready to ship direct to our customers in all parts of the world. The MDC product line consists of flanges, fittings, valves, roughing hardware, vacuum gauge tubes, glass sapphire and quartz viewports, electrical and fluid feedthroughs, motion and manipulation instruments, thin film electron-beam evaporation systems, and surface science chambers. MDC Vacuum Products Corporation is the one source for Universities, OEM, National Laboratories, semiconductor, R&D and industrial manufacturers.

Omicron NanoTechnology USA
14850 Scenic Heights Road
Suite 140
Eden Prairie, MN 55344
(952) 345-5240

Omnicron presents information on the NanoESCA system.  Initially designed for users within the synchrotron community, the Nano ESCA has already demonstrated imaging with 150 nm lateral resolution capability.  Information will be available on the new high performance small spot electron energy analyzer and the Focus integrated sample stage PEEM.

Oxford Instruments
130A Baker Avenue Extn.
Concord, MA 01420
(978) 369-9933

Oxford Instruments Superconductivity: Internationally recognized as world leaders in superconductivity and ultralow temperature cryogenic environments, Oxford Instruments is driving innovation in these fields. The Company's leading-edge technologies support research in nanotechnology, solid state and condensed matter physics, as well as providing leadership in cryogenic and magnetic environments for beam-line applications.  These technologies also drive analytical instrumentation such as NMR and FTMS that are vital tools for drug discovery and life science applications.

Combining outstanding technical expertise, original thinking and a commitment to meeting customers needs, Oxford Instruments Superconductivity enables real advances both in research and commercial applications by providing the high quality technological environments needed to meet demanding experimental requirements.

Pascal Technologies, Inc.
5104 Park Drive #101
Fredericksburg, VA 22408
(540) 891-2800

Pascal Technologies is a manufacturer's representative for vacuum systems, cryopumps, ion pumps, ion pump controllers, gate valves, helium leak detectors, vacuum hardware.

Pfeiffer Vacuum
24 Trafalgar Square
Niashua, NH 03063
(603) 578-6524

Pfeiffer Vacuum is the one source for vacuum generation, measurement and analysis.  We offer rough, dry and turbo pumps as well as vacuum gauges, helium leak detectors, mass spectrometers, valves and fittings.

Princeton Instruments, a division of Roper Scientific, Inc.
3660 Quakerbridge Road
Trenton, NJ 08619
(520) 889-9933 X2770

Princeton Instruments is the world's leading manufacturer of high-performance imaging, spectroscopy, x-ray and ICCD detection systems for the physical sciences. Many of our CCD cameras are engineered specifically for third-generation synchrotron applications such as x-ray diffraction, x-ray spectroscopy, and x-ray fluorescence. Leading-edge products include PI-SCX® camera systems, which feature up to 4k x 4 k pixel resolution (standard or multiport readout) and 165-mm fiberoptic coupling, as well as PI-LCX® and PI-SX® camera systems with x-ray photon-counting capabilities. LabVIEW™ drivers and USB 2.0 interface available!

Radiant Detector Technologies
19355 Business Center Drive #8
Northridge, CA 91324
(818) 280-0745 x112

Radiant Detector Technologies, LLC features a 50 mm2 thermoelectrically (NO LN2) cooled, excellent resolution Silicon Multi-Cathode X-Ray Detector with the ability to process extremely high-count rates resulting in virtually zero peak shift or loss in resolution regardless of the count rate. The VortexTM detector is optimized for XRD/XRF and can be cycled without degradation in performance with cool down times of < 3 minutes.

SR Associates, Inc.
61 Heston Court
Langhorne, PA 19047
(215) 702-1196

SR Associates, Inc. a manufactures representative specializing in vacuum process equipment.  We represent BOC Edwards, Veeco Ion Sources, Huntington Mechanical Labs, MPF Products, Hiden Analytical, Maxtek, Manitou Systems, and Centorr.  The companies we represent are leaders in their respective fields providing a broad range of products.  Visit us at www.srassociatespa.com for more information.

Thermo Electron Corporation - Vacuum Generators
166 Cummings Center
Beverly, MA 01915
(617) 290-8130

Thermo Electron Corporation, the worlds leading scientific instruments company can provide total package solutions for Synchrotron facilities from the storage ring, along the beam lines, to the end stations. No other supplier has such a strong combination of Synchrotron related products and precise engineering capabilities in-house; a resource strengthened by world-wide service support. Exhibiting business units include Thermo Vacuum Generators, Thermo VG Scientific and Thermo Neslab. Thermo Vacuum Generators is the worlds leading ultrahigh vacuum technology company with product offerings ranging from manipulation, valves, chambers, RGA's and custom solutions. Thermo VG Scientific produces a wide range of surface science end stations and components, providing custom analysis solutions for the worlds most advanced facilities. Thermo Neslab offers a complete line of products to meet your liquid temperature control needs including baths, circulators, chillers and heat exchangers. Visit us for any of your scientific equipment requirements.  www.Thermovacgen.com / www.softshut.com 

Vacuum Solutions Group, Inc.
267 Sea Cliff Avenue
Sea Cliff, NY 11579
(516) 674-8202

Vacuum Solutions Group is the local representative for AFS, ARS, Ceramaseal, EBI, IGC-Polycold, Osaka Vacuum, Precision Metal Works, Thermionics and Vacumax.  Our products include electrical and mechanical feedthroughs, custom chambers, closed and open cycle cryostats, turbopumps and complete systems. Visit us at www.vacuumsolutions.com

Varian Vacuum Technologies
121 Hartwell Avenue
Lexington, MA 02421
(516) 795-3320

Varian Vacuum Technologies is a world wide leader for application specific vacuum solutions. Our products include turbo pumps, turbo pump systems, ion pumps, leak detectors, dry pumps, rotary vane pumps, diffusion pumps, valves vacuum measurement equipment and hardware.  Visit us at www.varianinc.com

500 West Cummings Park
Woburn, MA 01801
(800) 935-1446

VAT is the worldwide leader in the development and manufacturing of quality vacuum valves.  Products include: gate, angle, fast-closing, throttle, pressure control, retro fit and customized valves for applications such as pump isolation, load locks, beam lines and other vacuum applications.  Our company profile and product line brochure is available upon request.