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2007 NSLS/CFN Joint Users' Meeting


The NSLS and CFN Users' Executive Committees thanks the following vendors for their generous support of the 2007 Joint NSLS and CFN Users' Meeting and for exhibiting the latest equipment and instrumentation during the vendor exhibit on May 21-23, 2007.

Your company name, address, website and email could be here! Click here for information on participating as an equipment or service vendor at this year's meeting.

ACCEL Instruments GmbH Table 23
Friedrich - Ebert - Str 1
Bergisch Gladbach 51429 Germany
+49 220 484 2512

ACCEL Instruments GmbH is a worldwide engineering and manufacturing company specializing in custom-designed equipment for research and industry in the fields of particle accelerators, synchrotron radiation instrumentation, and medical applications.  We design, manufacture, assemble, install, and commission beamlines as turnkey systems. We also provide components such as undulators, wigglers, double-crystal and double-multilayer monochromators, experimental stations, mirror systems, slit systems, and all sorts of beam monitors as well as all other beamline components. Additionally, we develop components based on customer specifications or built to print with our design office and our in-house workshops.

Advanced Design Consulting USA, Inc. Table 16
126 Ridge Road, P.O. Box 187
Lansing, NY 14882

Advanced Design Consulting USA, Inc. (ADC) manages, designs and manufactures complete front ends and beamlines, optical tables, beam shutters, beam stops, monochromators, ion chambers, x-ray furnaces, UHV vessels, slits, small precision jacks, spectrometers, cryogenic systems, beam transport pipes, beryllium window assemblies, copper flair chambers insertion devices and mirror systems. Our assistance includes overall project management, ray tracing, mechanical and instrumentation design, manufacturing, assembly and testing, commissioning and training.

Aerotech, Inc. Table 35
101 Zeta Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15238

Aerotech manufactures motion control and positioning systems and components including nanopositioners; air-bearing and mechanical-bearing linear, rotary and lift stages; high speed gantries; brushless linear and rotary servomotors and drives; PC-based, software-only and stand-alone motion controllers; a complete line of optical mounts; and goniometers. Custom and vacuum-prepped systems are available. Visit the Aerotech website at www.aerotech.com for complete information.

AutomationSolutions Table 25
151 New Park Ave. Suite 1
Hartford, CT 06106

AutomationSolutions is a group of engineers whose main expertise is in electro-mechanical motion control and machine automation.  We help our customers design and build electro-mechanical systems while also providing them with the majority of the motion control components needed for completion. AutomationSolutions helps to lower our customers' risks, reduce their component costs, and accelerate their systems' development.

Blake Industries, Inc. Table 1
660 Jerusalem Road
Scotch Plains, NJ 07076
(908) 233-7240

Blake Industries is a leader in supplying high precision x-ray and neutron instrumentation to research laboratories, universities and synchrotron beam lines worldwide. We are the exclusive distributors for Huber instruments in the United States, Mexico and Canada with multiple installations at all the North American Synchrotrons and have been supplying x-ray users for over 35 years.

Brushwellman Electrofusion Products Tables 17
44036 South Grimmer Blvd.
Fremont, CA 94538

Electrofusion Products, a division of Brush Wellman Inc. is a world leader in the fabrication of specialized assemblies made from advanced materials for the scientific, medical and commercial industries since 1966.

We are able to offer our customers improved services at competitive prices. We are dedicated to producing Beryllium X-Ray Windows, Ultra-High Vacuum Products, Beryllium and Aluminum Beryllium Sheet & Foil fabrication and services.  Our services included Electron Beam Welding, Vacuum Furnace Brazing, Atmospheric Brazing, Water Jet Cutting, Diffusion Bonding, Surface Treatments and Coatings, and Specialized Machining.

Faber Industrial Tech Table 4
1111 Paulson Avenue
Clifton, NJ 07015

Faber Industrial Technologies is an application solutions provider of Motion controls, Process electric heaters, Industrial Controls, Sensors, Filtration and Fluid Flow products.  We provide application engineering technical support through factory trained engineers.

Fairchild Imaging Inc. Table 29
1801 McCarthy Blvd.
Milpitas, CA 95035

Fairchild Imaging, a manufacturer of scientific CCD and CMOS image sensors and cameras, provides high-performance detectors for visible, UV and x-ray imaging. Specialties include wafer-scale back-illuminated CCDs for the UV and soft x-ray and large fiber optic taper cameras up to 200mm in aperture. Visit http://www.fairchildimaging.com for more information on these cooled, multiport cameras.

Gaum, Incorporated Table 14
1080 Route 130, P.O. Box 485
Robbinsville, NJ 08691

Gaum Incorporated is a full service machining and fabrication facility. We specialize in the manufacture of custom machinery, machine components, brackets, shafts, bearings, mounting plates and all types of custom devices used with sensor positioning instruments. Materials include aluminum, steel, stainless steels, super alloys, plastics and phenolics.

Goodfellow Corporation Table 12
305 High Tech Drive
Oakdale, PA 15071-3911

Goodfellow supplies small quantities of metals and materials for research, development and prototyping. Our Catalog lists a comprehensive range of materials in many forms including rods, wires, tubes and foils. There is no minimum order quantity and items are in stock for immediate shipment worldwide. Custom-made items are available to special order.

InSync, Inc. Table 21
2511C Broadbent Pkwy
Albuquerque, NM 87107

InSync, Inc. is a custom, high-tech, optical manufacturing company. Fabrication capabilities start with raw material and finish with a polished, coated, and qualified optic. Specialty is the unusual, one-of-a-kind, super-polished optic up to 1500mm in size. Surface shapes include: Toroidal, Cylindrical, Spherical, and Flat. Substrate designs include: Internal Cooling, Beam Splitting, and Deformable.

JEOL USA, Inc. Table 24
11 Dearborn Road
Peabody, MA 01960

JEOL offers solutions for nanofabrication, characterization and nanometrology. JEOL E-beam systems and SEMS are used in the creation of nanomaterials. JEOL high-resolution TEMs, STEMs, SEMs and FIB systems are used for nano-level observation and nano-scale manipulation. Ultra-stable JEOL TEMs enable users to monitor and design materials with custom-tailored properties; observable images include STEM, HAADF, BF and DF. High and low vacuum SEMs and FE-SEMs deliver effective, sophisticated, automated functions and flexible analytical geometry.

Kohzu America Inc. Table 6
1870 Catalina Court
Livermore, CA 94550

Kohzu offers a comprehensive line of sophisticated motion instruments including rotary, linear and swivel-arc stages capable of sub-micron accuracy. Kohzu America, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kohzu Precision Co., Ltd. of Japan, and was formed for direct distribution of Kohzu's precision instruments to the scientific and industrial communities.

Minarik Corporation Table 32
85 Robert Porter Road
Southington, CT 06489

Minarik Corporation provides total solutions for the automation, instrumentation and controls industries for over 55 years. Our nationwide stocking locations, Value-Added Centers and regional warehouses provide customers with a wide range of quality product lines and value added services. Minarik, one source in Science for your automation and control needs.

Minarik Corporation Table 33
85 Robert Porter Road
Southington, CT 06489

Minarik is a North American distributor of automation products. Our vendors make use of cool technology with neat products from NanoMotion (Piezo Ceramic Servo Motor), ACSMotionControl (High Performance Motion Control), Renishaw (Linear and Rotary encoders), Wago (Linux based distributed I/O), item (Aluminum Profile Products) and Alio (Linear & Rotary stage systems, HexaPod).

Morrell Instrument Company Table 15
502 Walt Whitman Road
Melville, NY 11793

Morrell Instrument Company has provided optical and precise measuring instrumentation to the scientific research and academic community for over 28 years. We are the factory authorized regional dealer for Nikon Instruments as well as many other quality manufacturers of inspection and imaging products.

Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum USA Table 36
5700 Mellon Road
Export, PA 15632

"A leader in providing vacuum pumps, accessories, and services to all industries requiring vacuum. These include turbomolecular pumps, cryo pumps, oil lubricated and oil-free forevacuum pumps, gauges, leak detector, valves, and fittings. Leybold also provides Engineering and Applications support, plus a full line of services for all brands of vacuum pumps".

Omicron NanoTechnology USA Table 2
14850 Scenic Heights Road, Suite 140
Eden Prairie, MN 55344

Omicron Nanotechnology USA invites you to visit us at this year's NSLS Users' Meeting for detailed discussions about how we can assist with your specific research plans in the fields of UHV surface analysis and nanoscale technology. Of special interest are our new SPHERA analyzer for quantitative small-spot spectroscopy and the NanoESCA system for ultimate resolution in imaging XPS work. Based on our 20+ years of dedication to the production of the highest performance instruments and systems for UHV surface imaging and spectroscopy, we are confident that our extensive product line offers something for everyone in this research area.

OriginLab Corporation Table 5
One Roundhouse Plaza Suite 303
Northampton, MA 01060
413-586-2013 X137

Origin 7.5 is a software application that combines point-and-click interfaces for scientific graphing and analysis with a powerful programming environment. Over 60 built-in plot types allow you to quickly create 2D, 3D, contour, and image graphs. Advanced data analysis tools include statistics, signal processing, curve fitting and peak analysis. Visit www.originlab.com

Oxford Instruments Table 18
300 Baker Avenue Suite 150
Concord, MA 01742

Oxford Instruments offers flexible process tools and leading-edge processes for the engineering of semiconductor structures and devices. Our systems provide solutions for precise materials deposition, etching of nanometre-sized features and controlled growth of nanostructures, based on core technologies in plasma-enhanced deposition and etch, ion-beam deposition and etch, ALD, and MBE.

PGT Instruments Table 34
303C College Road East
Princeton, NJ 08540
609-924-7310 X306

PGT Instruments has been a long time manufacturer of X-ray detectors including single element Si(Li) and HPGe and Multi-element Arrays as well as Silicon Drift Detectors.

Pascal Technologies, Inc. Table 11
5104 Park Drive, #101
Frederickburg, VA 22408

Pascal Technologies is a manufacturer's representative and distributor supporting the requirements of the high technology community for over 20 years.  Based in Fredericksburg, Virginia, we supply a large range of vacuum systems and components to support all of your vacuum needs.  Visit us on the web at: www.pascaltechnologies.com

Exhibitor Demo Tuesday May 22, 2:30 - 3:00 p.m. in Conference Room C History of Scroll Pumps

Princeton Instruments/Acton Table 7
3660 Quakerbridge Road
Trenton, NJ 08619

Princeton Instruments/Acton designs and manufactures high-performance camera, spectrograph and optics based solutions for the imaging, x-ray, spectroscopy and surveillance markets. We cater to both the scientific research community and Original Equipment Manufacturers. Our commitment to continuous innovation in R&D and manufacturing process, coupled with a proven "Voice of Customer" program ensures that our customers are always at the forefront of technology and reliability while pushing the boundaries of discovery.

PTL Vacuum Inc. Tables 19 & 20
9979 Spook Woods Road
Port Byron, NY 13140

Started in 1986, PTL Vacuum, Inc. serves the vacuum and thin film industries.  This includes the optical, semiconductor, materials, mems and nanotechnology sectors. PTL Vacuum provides these industries with products and services from the leading technology providers in their fields. PTL Vacuum can provide almost any product designed for producing and controlling thin films on substrates of any material. This would include sputtering, e-beam, resistive evaporation, cvd and cathodic arc.

SPECS GmbH Table 28
Voltastr. 5
13355 Berlin Germany
(415) 397-7327

SPECS manufactures systems and components for surface analysis, mostly based on electron spectroscopy. In customized systems, SPECS integrates facilities for thin film preparation and in-situ analysis in UHV. Main products are the hemispherical energy analyzer PHOIBOS (new PHOIBOS HV & HiRes), the high resolution LEEM/PEEM instrument and the high stability STM Aarhus.

SR Associates, Inc. Table 10
61 Heston Court
Langhorne, PA 19047

SR Associates, Inc. a manufacturer's representative specializing in vacuum process equipment. We represent BOC Edwards, Maxtek, Veeco Ion Sources, Huntington Mechanical Labs, Hiden Analytical, Centorr/Vacuum Industries, Dyn-Optics, Sheldon Manufacturing, Intelligent Micro-Patterning and AGS Plasma.

The companies we represent are leaders in their respective fields providing a broad range of products. Please visit us at: www.srassociatespa.com for more information regarding the companies that we represent and for more information about us.

Stanley Supply and Services Table 27
335 Willow St.
North Andover, MA 01845

With 44 years of experience, Stanley Supply & Services is the leading supplier of products and services for assembling, repairing and testing electronic equipment. We serve a wide variety of manufacturing requirements by providing equipment such as test & measurement, soldering, lighting and magnification, and materials such as adhesives, solder, ESD, chemical solutions and materials for labs and clean rooms and custom tool kits.

Vacuum Solutions Group, Inc. Table 22
267 Sea Cliff Avenue
Sea Cliff, NY 11579

Vacuum Solutions Group is a leading supplier of vacuum components, equipment and systems. The companies we represent include Ceramtec, Lydall Affinity, Osaka Vacuum, GNB, Thermionics, Advanced Research Systems and A&N. Please visit us at: www.vacuumsolutions.com

Varian Vacuum Technologies Table 9
121 Hartwell Avenue
Lexington, MA 02421

Varian Vacuum Technologies is a worldwide leader for application specific vacuum solutions. Our products include turbo pumps, turbo pump systems, ion pumps, leak detectors, dry pumps, rotary vane pumps, diffusion pumps, valves vacuum measurement equipment and hardware. Visit us at www.varianinc.com

VAT, Inc. Table 8
500 West Cummings Park
Woburn, MA 01801

VAT, the industry leader in vacuum sealing technology.  Products include: gate, angle, fast-closing, throttle, pressure control, all-metal and customized valves for a variety of applications ranging from rough to extreme UHV. Visit our new website at: www.vatvalve.com to find VAT products, capabilities and commitment to quality.

Exhibitor Demo Tuesday May 22, 3:00 - 3:30 p.m. in Conference Room C

VG Scienta Table 3
235 Main Street
Pleasanton, CA 94566

VG Scienta Inc. is the newly combined Vacuum Generators and Scienta. VG Scienta is the leading supplier of state-of-the-art electron spectroscopy equipment offering ultra high-resolution electron spectrometers, X-ray emission spectrometers, high intensity UV and X-ray sources and UHV components and systems. The new combined VG Scienta is the world's premier supplier of quality products to the exacting standards of the vacuum and surface science research market.

Wiener, Plein & Baus Ltd. Table 13
300 E. Auburn Avenue
Springfield, OH 45505

High performance electronic instrumentation and data acquisition for physics research: WIENER - NIM, CAMAC, VME/VME64x/VXI crates and modules, low voltage power supplies.  ISEG - high voltage modules in NIM, CAMAC and VME and systems HYTEC - CAMAC and VME/VME64x controllers and modules, EPICS supported MYSYTEC - detector read out electronics.