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2007 NSLS/CFN Joint Users' Meeting


Internet Access - If you will be bringing  a laptop, PDA, etc. that will require internet access, these devices must be registered in BNL's Network Access Registration database in order to access to the internet at Brookhaven.

Registering your computer devices can be done via the device's web browser upon first connecting to BNL's network (BNL's wireless access zone is VWZ); however, the registration process will require the user's BNL life or guest number. If you do not have a BNL-assigned life or guest number, you can use conference key LS-38300 in place of this number.

Conference keys will only be valid for the duration of the conference, May 20 - May 23, 2007, and cannot be used on BNL's internal network. Conference keys can be used solely for the purpose of Network Access Registration.
Click here for instructions to register for internet access

Computer terminals are located in Berkner Hall for use in logging on to your own computer or accessing your email during the meeting.

Pay telephones are located in Berkner Hall outside the auditorium doors and near the rest rooms closest to the cafeteria.

Messages can be left for you at the Registration Desk. The telephone number (during the meeting only) is (631) 344-4703. Messages will be posted on a bulletin board in Room D (Registration Desk).

A fax machine is located in Berkner Hall for those who require faxing services. The phone number is (631) 344-2069. See the Registration Desk for assistance in using the fax machine.