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Come see the new exciting happenings at NSLS-II! 

Tours will be held on Monday and Tuesday from 4:30 - 5:30 p.m. - Sign up at the registration desk in Conf. Rm. D, Berkner Hall. All tours will begin at Bldg. 740, NSLS-II.

Monday, May 15 - Scattering & Diffraction Beamlines: 10-ID (IXS), 11-ID (CHX), 11-BM (CMS), 12-ID (SMI)

Monday, May 15 - Scattering & Diffraction Beamlines: 4-ID (ISR), 23-ID-1 (CSX-1), 23-ID-2 (CSX-2), 28-ID2 (XPD)

Tuesday, May 16 - Structural Biology Beamlines: 16-ID (LiX), 17-ID-1 (AMX), 17-ID-2 (FMX), 17-BM (XFP)

Tuesday, May 16 - Spectroscopy & Imaging Beamlines: 3-ID (HXN), 5-ID (SRX), 8-ID (ISS), 8-BM (TES)

Note: For anyone on the tours who will be taking the bus to the Banquet at Giorgios on Tuesday evening, the bus will leave Berkner Hall at 5:40 to pickup tour participants in the front of bldg. 740 at 5:45.