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NSLS-II/CFN 360 VR Videos

Below are links to 360 VR  videos of areas in the NSLS-II and CFN Facilities:

Open the videos from your cell phone, then place the phone in the viewer. Once you open the link, depending on your phone, you should see the following icon (if you do not see the icon then you will not get the full benefit of the VR viewer). Touch the icon to enable the 3-D effect. Once video begins use the function button on the top right of the viewer to start and pause videos. When you press the button, move the viewer around until you see a circle (the circle is like your curser) move it to the arrow, or other icon, and push the button.  You will need to remove the film from each lens.

Image result for vr viewer icons

NSLS-ll/ CFN 360 VR Videos/

https://youtu.be/48LDjHjvpHI - Diffractometer injected


https://youtu.be/9tcddpmtc9E - CFN 360 revised injected


https://youtu.be/W6Ee0lNSF-Q - Control Room4 injected


https://youtu.be/tJFO4vpeAmM - CFN Lab3 injected


https://youtu.be/6y4CMnTC0bQ - Ring Edited 360 injected


https://youtu.be/piypr-_FtH4 - NSLS 2 injected


https://youtu.be/CthmL4ARYWE - NSLS 1 injected


https://youtu.be/vGzWWIDqsZc - Clean Room 2 injected


Other Fun VR Sites:


Roller coaster


Swimming with sharks


Titans of Space - app




Sites in VR - app




VR Roller Coaster - app



Pac man:



Google Cardboard - app




Official Youtube VR Videos



https://youtu.be/j_DVkFD1GIg - Clean Room 1 injected


https://youtu.be/kZFuT3QcCTg - 360 ROBOT2 injected