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If you planning to participate in the Poster Session, you must submit a poster title when you register for the meeting.

April 13:
Student Participation Award

April 20: Last day to apply for the Julian Baumert PhD Thesis Award.

April 20: Foreign nationals (including speakers and organizers) who plan to stay onsite at BNL must register in BNL's Guest Information System (GIS) no later than April 20 (the link is also provided on your electronic invoice after you submit this form). You must present identification documents at the registration desk. Approval, which can take 30 days or more, must be granted prior to attending the meeting and/or workshops. After April 20, offsite accommodations are required.

April 27: Last day for early registration fees. Registrations received after April 27 will be at the general rate of $245.
There will be no refunds for registrations cancelled after April 27.

May 9: Online registration closes. In-person registration opens on Monday, May 21, Berkner Hall, Room D.

May 9: Last day to submit a poster.