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2006 NSLS/CFN Joint Users' Meeting


The program of six workshops, each one full day, will focus on specific scientific topics and techniques of interest to the synchrotron community. Follow the link for each workshop for more information.


Tuesday, May 16, 2006
Workshop 1 Synchrotron Catalysis Consortium: New Opportunities for in-situ XAFS Studies of Nanocatalysis
Organizer(s): Simon R. Bare (UOP) simon.bare@uop.com Anatoly Frenkel (Yeshiva University) frenkel@bnl.gov
Bldg. 555, Chemistry, Hamilton Seminar Room
Workshop 2 Soft Matter and Biomolecular Materials: X-ray Scattering Enabled by High Brightness Beamlines
Organizer(s): Ben Hsiao (Stony Brook University) Benjamin.Hsiao@sunysb.edu Lin Yang (NSLS) lyang@bnl.gov Elaine DiMasi (NSLS) dimasi@bnl.gov Ron Pindak (NSLS) pindak@bnl.gov
Bldg. 463, Biology, Seminar Room
Workshop 3 Nanoscale Correlations and Heterostructures
Organizer(s): Jim Misewich (BNL, Material Sciences) misewich@bnl.gov Tony Heinz (Columbia University) tfh3@columbia.edu
Bldg. 510, Physics, Large Seminar Room

Wednesday, May 17, 2006
Workshop 4 Chemical and Biological Applications of X-ray Emission Spectroscopy
Organizer(s): James Penner-Hahn (University of Michigan) jeph@umich.edu Trevor Tyson (New Jersey Institute of Technology) tyson@adm.njit.edu
Bldg. 555, Chemistry, Hamilton Seminar Room
Workshop 5 Platforms for the Integration of Biological Systems into Nanomaterials and Interfaces
Organizer(s): Oleg Gang (BNL) ogang@bnl.gov Daniel Van Der Lelie (BNL) vdlelied@bnl.gov Molly Frame (SUNY Stony Brook) mframe@notes.cc.sunysb.edu
Bldg. 510, Physics, Large Seminar Room
Workshop 6 VUV Radiometry
Organizer(s): Jeff Keister (SFA, Inc) jkeister@bnl.gov
Bldg. 463, Biology, Seminar Room