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2007 NSLS/CFN Joint Users' Meeting


The program of six half-day workshops and three full-day workshops, will focus on specific scientific topics and techniques of interest to the synchrotron and nanoscience communities. Follow the link for each workshop for more information.


Monday, May 21, 2007
Workshop 1 Nanomedicine: Biocompatibility and Applications Part 1: Biocompatibility of Nanoparticles
Organizer(s): Miriam Rafailovich (Stony Brook University)
Bldg. 555, Chemistry, Hamilton Seminar Room
Workshop 2 Probing Nano-scale Inhomogeneities in Transition Metal Oxides Using High Energy X-ray Diffraction and Scanning Microscopy
Organizer(s): Markus Hucker (Condensed Matter Physics and Material Science Dept., BNL) huecker@bnl.gov Guangyong Xu Condensed Matter Physics and Material Science Dept., BNL) gxu@bnl.gov Zhong Zhong (National Synchrotron Light Source, BNL) zhong@bnl.gov
Bldg. 463, Biology, Seminar Room
Workshop 3 Soft X-Rays: Polarization Sensitive Measurements Using Resonant Soft X-Rays
Organizer(s): Sujoy Roy (Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory) Cecilia Sanchez-Hanke (National Synchrotron Light Source, BNL) hanke@bnl.gov
Bldg. 510, Physics, Large Seminar Room

Tuesday, May 22, 2007
Workshop 4 Nanomedicine: Diagnostics and Treatment
Organizer(s): Perena Gouma (Stony Brook University) pgouma@notes.cc.sunysb.edu Molly Frame (Stony Brook University) mframe@notes.cc.sunysb.edu
Bldg. 488, Berkner Hall, Auditorium
Workshop 5 Tender” X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy (at 1-5 KeV)
Organizer(s): Jay Brandes (Skidaway Institute of Oceanography) jay.brandes@skio.usg.edu Paul Northrup (Environmental Sciences Department, BNL) northrup@bnl.gov
Bldg. 510, Physics, Large Seminar Room
Workshop 6 High Energy X-Rays, Part II: Effects of Extreme Environments of Radiation, Temperature and Stress on Material Structure at Nanoscale – Role of X-Ray Probing and Visualization Techniques in Nanoscale Design
Organizer(s): Nick Simos (Energy Sciences and Technology Dept., BNL) simos@bnl.gov Lynne Ecker (Energy Sciences and Technology Dept., BNL) lecker@bnl.gov
Bldg. 555, Chemistry, Hamilton Room

Wednesday, May 23, 2007
Workshop 7 Biologically Directed Self-Assembly of Nanomaterials: Synthesis and Characterization
Organizer(s): Qian Wang (University of South Carolina) wang@mail.chem.sc.edu Lin Yang (National Synchrotron Light Source) lyang@bnl.gov Oleg Gang (Center for Functional Nanomaterials) ogang@bnl.gov
Bldg. 555, Chemistry, Hamilton Room
Workshop 8 Making and Using Nanobeams
Organizer(s): Ismail Noyan (Columbia University) icn2@columbia.edu Kenneth Evans- Lutterodt (National Synchrotron Light Source), kenne@bnl.gov
Bldg. 488, Berkner Hall, Auditorium
Workshop 9 Applications of Synchrotron Based Methods to Microelectronics Materials
Organizer(s): Jean Jordan-Sweet (IBM Research Division) jlj@bnl.gov Christian Lavoie (IBM Research Division) clavoi@us.ibm.com
Bldg. 488, Berkner Hall, Conf Room B

Thursday, May 24, 2007
Workshop 10 Synchrotron Image Data Format Workshop
Organizer(s): Robert M. Sweet (Biology Department, BNL) Herbert J. Bernstein (Dowling College) John Skinner (Biology Department, BNL)
Bldg. 463, Biology Dept., Conference Room