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2008 NSLS/CFN Joint Users' Meeting


The program of five full-day workshops and three half-day workshops, will focus on specific scientific topics and techniques of interest to the synchrotron and nanoscience communities. Follow the link for each workshop for more information.


Monday, May 19, 2008
Workshop 1 Electrical Nanoprobes
Organizer(s): Peter Bennett (Arizona State University) peter.bennett@asu.edu Peter Sutter (CFN-BNL) psutter@bnl.gov
Berkner Hall, Bldg. 488, Conference Room A
Workshop 2 Applications of Synchrotron-Based Microprobe and Imaging Techniques to Studies of Human Disease
Organizer(s): Antonio Lanzirotti (CARS-University of Chicago) lanzirotti@bnl.gov Lisa Miller (BNL-NSLS) lmiller@bnl.gov
Berkner Hall, Bldg. 488, Conference Room B
Workshop 3 Dynamics of Materials in Extreme Fields
Organizer(s): Lawrence Carr (NSLS-BNL) carr@bnl.gov Dario Arena (NSLS-BNL) darena@bnl.gov
Berkner Hall, Bldg. 488, Conference Room C

Wednesday, May 21, 2008
Workshop 4 Future Directions in High-Pressure Research
Organizer(s): Lars Ehm (Stony Brook University) lars.ehm@stonybrook.edu Jiuhua G. Chen (Florida International University) jiuhua.chen@fiu.edu Baosheng Li (Stony Brook University) baosheng.li@sunysb.edu Zhenxian Liu (Carnegie Institution of Washington) zxliu@bnl.gov
Berkner Hall, Bldg. 488, Auditorium
Workshop 5 Detectors
Organizer(s): Peter Siddons (NSLS-BNL) siddons@bnl.gov
Chemistry Building 555, Hamilton Room
Workshop 6 Nanofluidics
Organizer(s): Helmut H. Strey (Stony Brook University) helmut.strey@stonybrook.edu
Center for Functional Nanomaterials (CFN), Building 735, Seminar Room
Workshop 7 New Experimental Techniques for hard X-ray Studies of In-Situ Film Growth and Surface Processing
Organizer(s): Paul Lyman (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee) plyman@uwm.edu Randy Headrick (University of Vermont) rheadrick@uvm.edu Karl Ludwig (Boston University) ludwig@buphy.bu.edu
Berkner Hall, Bldg. 488, Conference Room A
Workshop 8 Interfacial Chemistry in Environmental Sciences
Organizer(s): Jeffrey P. Fitts (ESD-BNL) fitts@bnl.gov Paul Northrup (ESD-BNL) northrup@bnl.gov
Berkner Hall, Building 488, Conference Room B