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Data Mining in Correlative Multi-modal X-ray Microscopy

Yijin Liu, Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource

The studies of structurally complex and chemically heterogeneous systems usually require a suite of analytical tools that are capable of providing complementary information. X-ray microscopy offers several different imaging modalities that probe structural and chemical information through different contrast mechanisms at different length scales. As a result, X-ray microscopy has been recognized as a powerful tool for researches across different scientific disciplines.

In this presentation, the strength of correlative multi-modal X-ray microscopy will be highlighted through brief discussion of a few scientific case studies including the researches in geoscience [1] and petroleum industry [2]. The information extraction aspect of these researches will be emphasized. More recent developments in the data mining associated with the spectro-microscopy will also be discussed by presenting case studies in energy material research [3].


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