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2011 NSLS/CFN Joint Users' Meeting

Workshop 2: Advances in Synchrotron Methods for Catalysis and Surface Science Research

Date: Monday, May 23, 2011

Organizer(s): David Starr (CFN/BNL), dstarr@bnl.gov; Dario Stacchiola (Chemistry/BNL), djs@bnl.gov; Jurek Sadowski (CFN/BNL), sadowski@bnl.gov; and Sanjaya Senanayake (Chemistry/BNL), ssenanay@bnl.gov

Location: Chemistry, Bldg. 555, Hamilton Seminar Rm.

Description: Catalysis research lies at the nexus of solving many important environmental and technological problems. By linking fundamental studies of technical catalysts to model catalysts the hope is to provide a fundamental, molecular-level understanding of catalytic processes. With this understanding designing catalysts that perform at dramatically higher levels of functionality can be achieved. Synchrotron-based methods are essential tools in this endeavor. This workshop will bring together experts in synchrotron-based spectroscopic (AP-XPS, XPS, XES, HAXPES, XAS and IR), microscopic (LEEM, PEEM), and scattering (XRD) techniques working on both technical and model catalysts. We plan to discuss and present ideas that can further research initiatives in nano-catalysis, electrochemistry and photo-catalysis that can be undertaken using synchrotron radiation. Specific focus will be given to in situ, time and spatially resolved techniques that elucidate fundamental catalytic phenomena with the aim of linking studies of fundamental, model catalysts to those of operating technical catalysts. Discussions will be devoted to the study and growth of model systems, the interaction of surface structure and chemical reactivity and the rational design of catalytic materials.

StartsEndsList of Speakers
8:00 AM8:05 AM Opening Remarks/ General Overview, ~
8:05 AM8:40 AM Luca Gregoratti, Sincrotrone Trieste SCpA
Zone Plate Based Scanning Photoemission Imaging and Spectromicroscopy at Elettra: Recent Achievements and Future Projects in Surface and Interface Studies.
8:40 AM9:15 AM Harm Rotermund, Dalhousie University
Shedding Light on Surface Reactions: Real Time Imaging and Control of Pattern Formation during Catalysis
9:15 AM9:50 AM Anders Nilsson, Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource
Fundamental Studies of Fuel Cell Catalysis Using X-rays
9:50 AM10:00 AM Coffee/ Tea Break, ~
10:00 AM10:35 AM Zhi Liu, Advanced Light Source, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
Ambient Pressure Photoelectron Spectroscopy at Advanced Light Source and Applications in Energy Related Research
10:35 AM11:10 AM David Mullins, Chemical Sciences Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Unraveling Complex Surface Reaction Pathways Using Soft X-ray Spectroscopy
11:10 AM11:45 AM Jose Rodriguez, Chemistry Department, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Active Phase and Mechanism for the Water-Gas Shift Reaction on Metal/Oxide Catalysts: Photoemission, XRD and XAFS Studies
11:45 AM12:35 PM Lunch Break, All Participants
12:35 PM1:10 PM Dan Fischer, Ceramics Division, NIST
Advanced Capabilities for Synchrotron Measurement Science and Technology: Catalysis and Surface Science
1:10 PM1:45 PM Joe Woicik, Ceramics Division, NIST
Hard X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (HAXPES) at NIST Beamline X24A: Recent Upgrades and Scientific Results
1:45 PM1:55 PM Coffee/ Tea Break, Workshop Photo
1:55 PM2:30 PM Carol Hirschm├╝gl, Department of Physics, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Multi-Beam IR Synchrotron Insitu Studies of Hybrid Sensor Surface Adsorbates
2:30 PM3:05 PM Peter Chupas, Argonne National Laboratory
Combining Pair-Distribution-Function Measurements and Infra-red Spectroscopy to Study Catalysts In-situ
3:05 PM4:00 PM Coffee and Discussion, ~
 4:00 PM Wokshop End, ~