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Workshop 8: Data Acquisition Cookbook: A Tutorial on NSLS-II's Python DAQ Software

Date: Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Organizer(s): Daniel Allan, dallan@bnl.gov

Location: Berkner Hall, Bldg. 488, Conference Room B


This workshop is an interactive tutorial on how NSLS-II's data acquisition software can be used to perform an experiment and enable sophisticated improvisation at the beamline.  NSLS-II has developed open-source software for integrated data acquisition, management, and analysis.  The software consists of a number of cooperative libraries ('ophyd', 'bluesky', 'databroker' and others).  The user-facing control interface, 'bluesky', is independent of the underlying control system:  it enables beamline staff and users to develop sophisticated experiment procedures without any special knowledge of EPICS.  Workshop attendees will be guided through a "cookbook" of practical examples, and they will try them on a simulated beamline via their Internet browser.  Cookbook recipes will include automatically recovering from a beam dump in the middle of the night; incorporating adaptive logic into an experiment procedure; creating custom live visualization and data processing pipelines; and exporting data to take home in any format.  Prior Python experience will not be necessary to follow the tutorial, but some general programming experience will assumed. 

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12:00 PM 
Lunch (included)
1:00 PM5:00 PM Daniel Allan, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Interactive Software Tutorial
3:00 PM 
Coffee Break (included) and Group Photo
5:00 PM 
Workshop Concludes
Workshop 8 Summary