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Workshop 7: Prospects in Imaging Materials and their Dynamics by Coherent X-ray Scattering

Date: Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Organizer(s): Xiaojing Huang, xjhuang@bnl.gov (NSLS-II, BNL), Claudio Mazzoli, cmazzoli@bnl.gov (NSLS-II, BNL), Garth Williams, gwilliams@bnl.gov (NSLS-II, BNL), Andi Barbour, abarbour@bnl.gov (NSLS-II, BNL), Yong Chu, ychu@bnl.gov (NSLS-II, BNL), Wen Hu, wenhu@bnl.gov (NSLS-II, BNL), Stuart Wilkins, swilkins@bnl.gov (NSLS-II, BNL)

Location: Chemistry, Bldg. 555, Hamilton Seminar Room


The excellent characteristics of NSLS-II invite the application of coherent x-ray illumination to systems representative of fundamental problems in a wide variety of scientific fields, including Materials Science and Condensed Matter Physics.  Indeed several NSLS-II beamlines (Coherent Soft X-ray (CSX-1), Coherent Hard X-ray (CHX), Hard X-ray Nanoprobe (HXN) and Submicron Resolution X-ray Spectroscopy (SRX)) exploit the high coherent flux to image structures and characterize associated dynamics, effectively probing collective and nano-scale ordering, density fluctuations and magnetic correlations.  For example, even in these early days of NSLS-II’s user operation, coherent imaging methods have been successfully applied to in operando energy storage systems and the mapping of magnetic domains.  As NSLS-II and its X-ray instrumentation mature, we anticipate that the brightness of the source will allow the routine extension of coherent scattering techniques into the domain of time-resolved and in situ experimentation.  In this light, the workshop aims at gathering scientists interested in the field to discuss technical and data processing limitations experienced in their recent work; brainstorm on challenges; propose developments for current and future imaging experiments, especially as time-resolved applications become mainstream; and highlight topical problems in soft and hard condensed matter that can be effectively tackled.  Contributed communications and short student presentations are welcome to supplement the invited talks.

StartsEndsList of Speakers
8:45 AM 
Continental Breakfast (included)
9:00 AM9:10 AM
Opening and Welcoming Remarks
9:10 AM9:50 AM Ian Robinson, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Bragg Coherent X-ray Diffraction for Nanocrystal Structure and Dynamics
9:50 AM10:30 AM Esther Takeuchi, Stony Brook University / Brookhaven National Laboratory
Synchrotron Based Approaches for Spatial Resolution of Electrode Reactions
10:30 AM11:00 AM
Coffee Break (included)
11:00 AM11:30 AM Paul Fuoss, Argonne National Laboratory
Bragg Coherent X-Ray Diffraction Imaging of Strain in Nanoscale Structures
11:30 AM12:00 PM Virginie Chamard, Aix-Marseille University
Bragg Ptychography: when Crystallography Meets Microscopy
12:00 PM1:30 PM
Lunch (included) and Group Photo (+ ~30’ Discussion)
1:30 PM2:00 PM Chris Jacobsen, Argonne National Laboratory
Imaging Cells and Brains: Fast, Cool, and in Color
2:00 PM2:30 PM Yukio Takahashi, Osaka University
High-Resolution Hard X-ray Ptychography at SPring-8: Recent Progress and Future Prospects
2:30 PM3:00 PM Ross Harder, Argonne National Laboratory
MAUI: Modeling, Analysis and Ultrafast Imaging at Argonne National Laboratory
3:00 PM3:30 PM
Coffee Break (included)
3:30 PM3:50 PM Yong Chu, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Nanoscale Multimodal X-ray Imaging at the Hard X-ray Nanoprobe
3:50 PM4:10 PM Wen Hu, Brookhaven National Laboratory
CSX path to soft coherent imaging
4:10 PM4:30 PM Garth Williams, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Future possibilities for coherent imaging instrumentation at NSLS-II
4:30 PM5:00 PM
Roundtable, Discussion and Concluding Remarks
5:00 PM 
Workshop Adjourns
Workshop 7 Summary