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Workshop 10: Opportunities for Synchrotron Studies in Advanced Manufacturing Research

Date: Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Organizer(s): Stan Petrash (Henkel Corp.), Ron Pindak (NSLS-II/BNL)

Location: Physics Large Seminar Room, Bldg 510


Advanced manufacturing approaches are providing light-weight, flexible, wearable, responsive products that have wide-ranging impact on energy, health, and national security. Synchrotron-based measurements provide the opportunity to study advanced manufacturing processes in-situ and the fabricated products under operating and extreme conditions. This workshop explores novel advanced manufacturing approaches that lend themselves to synchrotron-based characterization and leverage both characterization and synthesis capabilities available at nano-centers. The focus is on soft material processing using both 2D and 3D fabrication methods.

StartsEndsList of Speakers
11:30 AM12:15 PM Lunch Break, (provided)
Workshop Location
12:15 PM12:30 PM Welcome Remarks, Organizers
12:30 PM1:15 PM Eric Duoss, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Opportunities in Synchrotron Studies in Advanced Manufacturing Research
1:15 PM2:00 PM Brett Compton, University of Tennessee
Direct-Write Additive Manufacturing of Polymer and Ceramic Composites
2:00 PM2:45 PM Michael Mackay, University of Delaware
Strength of 3D Printed Objects
2:45 PM3:00 PM Coffee Break, (provided)
Group Photo
3:15 PM4:00 PM Alberto Piqué, Naval Research Laboratory
Additive Manufacturing at NRL Using Laser induced Forward Transfer
4:00 PM4:45 PM Craig Arnold, Princeton University
Jet Formation and Control in Laser Induced Forward Transfer Printing of Liquid Inks
4:45 PM5:00 PM Coffee Break, (provided)
5:00 PM5:45 PM Lutz Wiegart, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Investigating Out-of-Equilibrium Processes with Time-Resolved (Coherent) X-ray Scattering
5:45 PM6:30 PM Masa Fukuto, Brookhaven National Laboratory
SAXS/WAXS Capabilities at NSLS II for Advanced Manufacturing Research
6:30 PM  Conclusion and Adjourn, Workshop Organizers
7:00 PM  Networking Dinner, Details including location will be announced